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Montenegro at the Olympics

The southeastern sovereign state of Montenegro is a relatively new addition to the Olympic community. Their national Olympic committee, the Montenegrin Olympic Committee (MNE), was only established in 2006 and officially recognized by the international community the year after.

For most of the Olympic history, athletes from the region of Montenegro have competed under the banner of, and then as part of . At the 1992 Olympics Monenegrin athletes participated as,

Montenegro participated at the Olympic Games for the first time as an independent nation at the 2008 Beijing Games. However, this does not mean that athletes from Montenegro have never been to the Olympics. From 1920 all the way to 1988, Montenegrin athletes have been competing in the Summer Games under the Yugoslavia flag. In 1992, they competed as part of the Independent Olympic Participants as their nation was under United Nations sanctions. From 1996 to 2004 they participated as co-partners in the Serbia and Montenegro (SCG) delegation.

So by the time they joined the Summer Games as an independent nation in 2008, they have been competing for almost a century. In August 11, 2012, their women's national handball team and the European Champions won the country's first-ever official Olympic medal when they placed second overall in London. In 2010, Montenegro was represented for the first time as an independent nation by sending alpine skier Bojan Kosić to Vancouver, Canada.


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