Paralympic Games Hosts

The first Paralympic Games were held in 1960 in Rome, the first Winter Paralympics in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden in 1976. The next Winter Paralympics will be held in PyeongChang, South Korea in 2018, the next Summer Paralympics will be in 2020 in Tokyo.

In 1948, the precursor to what we now know as the Paralympic Games was an event organized by Sir Ludwig Guttman in Stoke Mandeville, United Kingdom, for Second World War veterans with spinal injuries. By 1960 the event had evolved to an Olympic-style Games with participants from all over the world.

The Paralympics are currently held shortly after the Olympic Games in the same host city. See below the complete list of Paralympic Games host cities, and also our list of Summer and Winter Olympic Games host cities.

Year Version Host city Dates Held
2028 Summer LA, USA  
2026 Winter ?  
2024 Summer Paris, France  
2022 Winter Beijing, China Mar 4-13
2020 Summer Tokyo, Japan  
2018 Winter PyeongChang, South Korea 9-18 March
2016 Summer Rio, Brazil  
2014 Winter Sochi, Russia  
2012 Summer London, England, UK  
2010 Winter Vancouver, Canada  
2008 Summer Beijing, China  
2006 Winter Turin, Italy  
2004 Summer Athens, Greece  
2002 Winter Salt Lake City, USA  
2000 Summer Sydney, Australia  
1998 Winter Nagano, Japan  
1996 Summer Atlanta, USA
1994 Winter Lillehammer, Norway  
1992 Summer Barcelona, Spain  
1992 Winter Tignes & Albertville, France  
1988 Winter Innsbruck, Austria  
1988 Summer Seoul, South Korea  
1984 Winter Innsbruck, Austria  
1984 Summer New York, USA & Stoke Mandeville, UK  
1980 Winter Geilo, Norway  
1980 Summer Arnhem, Netherlands  
1976 Winter Örnsköldsvik, Sweden  
1976 Summer Toronto, Canada  
1972 Summer Heidelberg, Germany  
1968 Summer Tel Aviv, Israel  
1964 Summer Tokyo, Japan  
1960 Summer Rome, Italy  


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