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Unusual Events of the Olympic Games

You will be surprised about some of the odd and even weird events that have been part of the Olympic Games at some time. Here is my top 10 unusual discontinued Olympic events, with links to a description of each. These are only a sample of the discontinued events has been part of the Games - see the full list.croquet was once at the Olympics

  1. Swimming Obstacle Race
  2. Plunge for Distance Swimming Race
  3. Tug of War
  4. Live Pigeon Shooting
  5. 2 Hands Shot put, Discus and Javelin
  6. Rope Climb
  7. Underwater Swimming Race
  8. Croquet & Roque
  9. Jeu de Paume
  10. One Hand Weightlifting

There are so many unusual events, here are a few more that did not quite make my top 10

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