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Plunge for Distance at the Olympics

Like the underwater swimming event, the plunge for distance is a common activity in the backyard pool, and it once made it to the greatest international sporting stage. The competitors in the plunge for distance event began with a standing dive, then had to remain motionless underwater for one minute or until their heads broke the surface of the water, whichever came first.

The longest distance recorded won the event. This event was only held once at the Olympics, in Paris 1904. It is not surprising that it was never seen again on the Olympic program. The first three places went to members of the New York Athletic Club.

Plunge for Distance swimming underwater


  1. William Dickey USA 19.05m (62 feet, 6 inches)
  2. Edgar Adams USA 17.53m
  3. Leo 'Budd' Goodwin USA 17.37m

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