Two Hands Javelin

This event is not as unusual as it sounds. The competitors were not required to throw the implement with two hands, but throw it with each hand, and the combined score of each hand was used to determine the winner. In 1912, the only time this event was held, there were a couple of other two handed events too: 2 hands discus and 2 hands shot put. In 1908 there was the Freestyle Javelin event too.


Each thrower threw the discus three times with his right hand, and three times with his left hand. The best distance with each hand was summed to give a total distance. The three finalists were allowed three more throws with each hand (but in this instance this was not done).


  1. Juho Saaristo (FIN) 109.42
  2. Väinö Siikaniemi (FIN) 101.13
  3. Urho Peltonen (FIN) 100.24

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