Rob's Top 10 Sporting Events

After reading Robert Tuchman's top 100 must see live sporting events, I was inspired to write my list of top sporting moments and wish list. I have listed the top 10 of those I have seen live, and those that I wish to see.

Both Tuchman and I share a few sporting highlights, though he does not mention which ones he has seen. Out of his top 10 must sees, I have left out The Masters (his number 1!), Army vs. Navy Football Game, New York City Marathon, Baseball World Series, Winter Olympics, Red Sox vs. Yankees at Yankee Stadium, UNC vs. Duke Basketball Game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Being Australian some of these just don't seem appealing.

Best Sporting Events Seen Live

Top 10 Sporting Wish List

  1. Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics
  2. Rugby Union World Cup match.
  3. Yankees game at Yankee Stadium.
  4. AFL Grand Final.
  5. Australian Open Tennis Tournament
  6. Bledisloe Cup Game (All Blacks v Australia, Rugby Union)
  7. Boxing Day Test Match (cricket)
  8. Melbourne Cup Horse Race.
  9. State of Origin Rugby Union decider.
  10. Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006.
  11. Athletics World Cup (in 1982).
  1. Australia playing at the FIFA World Cup
  2. Indian cricket Test match (home series in india)
  3. Tour de France
  4. Super Bowl
  5. Wimbledon
  6. Baseball World Series
  7. NBA basketball game.
  8. Heavyweight Title Fight at Madison Square Garden.
  9. Elephant Polo Tournament
  10. Running of the Bulls

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