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Who is the All-Time Greatest Aussie Rules Football Player?

Who is the greatest Australian Football player ever? Agreeing on the greatest ever player of any sport may be impossible, who each person thinks is great is not shared by everyone, particularly when you compare players from different eras who played different styles, under different conditions, and even under different rules. But we keep attempting to do it, as we will here.

Let's find out

To start, a list of all possible greatest ever Australian football players is required, so that we can narrow this list down through voting so that one is named the greatest ever - the GOAT. The ultimate aim is to compare this GOAT to the greatest ever from other sports to find the "greatest greatest" ever (all sports)!. The first stage is to finalize the nominations for great Aussie rules players before the vote is started.

A bit of banter - maybe it's Abblett?

Something similar was recently done on the Facebook page AFL Banter, though only quite recent players were on the initial list. Then a knockout voting system was held with page visitors casting their vote on individual match-ups. The voting only included relatively recent players, by fans who have mostly watched players of the current generation. It was won by Gary Ablett, but which one? Click here to find out.

Is it one of these? Large AFL Greatest List

See the below of top Australian football players, compiled using other published lists and visitor feedback. The athletes below are listed in first name order - once the shortlist is complete then you will be able to vote for who you think is the greatest of all. This list is not complete - if you know of someone who should be listed here, let us know using the comment form below. We already have profiles of some of these AFL legends.

player notes
Adam Goodes Sydney Swans
Alex Jesaulenko Carlton/St Kilda
Ben Cousins West Coast / Richmond
Bill Hutchison Essendon
Bob Pratt South Melbourne
Bob Rose Collingwood
Bob Skilton South Melbourne
Chris Judd West Coast / Carlton
Darrel Baldock St Kilda
Dick Reynolds Essendon
Gary Ablett Jnr Geelong, Gold Coast 
Gary Ablett, Sr Hawthorn/Geelong
Gordon Coventry Collingwood
Polly Farmer Geelong/East Perth/West Perth
Haydn Bunton Snr Fitzroy/Subiaco/Port Adelaide Magpies
Ian Stewart St Kilda/Richmond. One of four triple Brownlow Medalists.
Jack Dyer Richmond. One of the toughest players to have played the game
James Hird Essendon
James "Jock" McHale Collingwood
John Coleman Essendon
John Nicholls Carlton
Kevin Bartlett Richmond
Kevin Sheedy Richmond
Lance Franklin Hawthorn / Sydney
Leigh Matthews Hawthorn
Nathan Buckley Brisbane Bears/Collingwood
Norm Smith Melbourne/Fitzroy
Peter Daicos Collingwood
Peter Hudson Hawthorn
Robert Harvey St Kilda
Ron Barassi Melbourne/Carlton
Roy Cazaly St Kilda/South Melbourne
Ted (E.J) Whitten Footscray
Tony "Plugger" Lockett St Kilda / Sydney
Wayne Carey North Melbourne / Adelaide

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