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Highest Paid Women Athletes in 2014

Here is the list of the top paid women athletes for 2014, collated from information published by Sports Illustrated Magazine. Sports Illustrated Magazine published in 2014 a Fortunate 50 and International 20, and the following data is provided with these or extracted from these lists.

The highest paid sportswoman for this year was tennis player Maria Sharopova earning 31.5 million dollars, well short of the 2014 highest paid sportsman Floyd Mayweather Jr with earnings of 105 million dollars.

Sharopova's earnings placed her in 14th position of all athletes in the combined male and female list. The only other female on the top 20 list, Li Na, was 18th.

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  Name Country Sport earnings (US$ million) previous year
1. Maria Sharapova Russia Tennis $31.5 1
2 Serena Williams USA Tennis $22.4  
3 Li Na China Tennis $19.0  


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