Best Paying Teams in the World in 2011

Here is a list of the ten best paying teams in the world in 2011, based on the average weekly salary
per player (first-team players). The data is based on a survey of 272 teams in 14 major pro leagues, which included seven sports and spanned 10 countries (see notes), however the final top 10 is only from three sports and covers six leagues. Compared to the best paying teams of 2010, soccer teams have jumped up the list. ESPN also published a list of the top salaries in 2011 from each sport and each country for 2011.

Top 10 paying teams in the world

Soccer teams pay the best salaries - half of the top 10 list is for soccer teams, including the most generous, Barcelona, which pays its players on average $150,000 a week. All figures are in US dollars.

Rank Team League Sport Ave. Annual Salary
Per Player
Ave. Weekly Salary
Per Player
1 Barcelona La Liga World Football $7,910,737 $152,130
2 Real Madrid La Liga World Football $7,356,632 $141,474
3 New York Yankees MLB Baseball $6,756,301 $129,929
4 Los Angeles Lakers NBA Basketball $6,540,690 $125,782
5 Orlando Magic NBA Basketball $6,367,114 $122,445
6 Chelsea EPL World Football $6,020,741 $115,783
7 Inter Milan Serie A World Football $5,999,643 $115,378
8 Boston Red Sox MLB Baseball $5,991,203 $115,215
9 Denver Nuggets NBA Basketball $5,990,174 $115,196
10 Manchester City EPL World Football $5,863,585 $112,761



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