Best Paying Teams in the World in 2010

Here is a list of the ten best paying teams in the world in 2010 (actually last completed season, which was often in 2009), based on the average weekly salary per player (first-team), according to Sportingintelligence. The data is based on a survey of 211 teams in 11 major pro leagues (see notes below), however the final top 10 is only from three sports and covers four leagues. See also a similar list for the year 2011.

Top 10 paying teams in the world

US sports teams dominate this list of top paying teams in the world. The New York Yankees baseball team is top, though six NBA basketball teams are also in the top 10. The figures for the Yankees are from 2009 when they won the World Series. All figures are in US dollars. Top paid player data is not available for the soccer teams.

Rank Team League Sport Ave. Annual Salary
Per Player
Ave. Weekly Salary
Per Player
Top Paid Player Salary
1 New York Yankees MLB Baseball $7,663,351 $147,372 A Rodriguez $33,000,000
2 Real Madrid La Liga World Football $6,942,803 $133,515
3 Barcelona La Liga World Football $6,667,541 $128,222
4 Chelsea EPL World Football $5,877,352 $113,026
5 Dallas Mavericks NBA Basketball $5,825,939 $112,037 Jason Kidd $21,372,000
6 Los Angeles Lakers NBA Basketball $5,588,985 $107,480 Kobe Bryant $21,262,500
7 Detroit Pistons NBA Basketball $5,475,705 $105,302 Allen Iverson $20,840,625
8 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Basketball $5,415,566 $104,145 Ben Wallace $14,500,000
9 Boston Celtics NBA Basketball $5,354,510 $102,971 Kevin Garnett $24,751,934
10 New York Knicks NBA Basketball $5,350,836 $102,901 Steven Marbury $20,840,625



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