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We may see Vietnam as a very traditional country from the food, clothing, and religion that they have inherited from the Chinese. But Vietnam has a traditional sport that is far from the ways of the Chinese. It is a form of wrestling called Dau Vat which is very well-known across the country.

Now in the modern days, soccer has captured the hearts of Vietnamese, and even the kids play informal games on the street and in parks. These started the schools and youth soccer clubs to provide opportunities for the children to initiate organized matches. Programs encourage more children to engage in physical activities and to train them to be an adequate player.

In addition to that, Vietnam conducts a four-year multi-sport event involving participants throughout the country. It is called “Vietnam National Games” where goals are; one, to examine the training cycle of the athletes, secondly, to encourage each city in training new athletes and lastly, to exercise the national sporting athletes for international competitions which leads us to Lee Nguyen. He is regarded to be the most popular midfielder in Vietnam and is playing for the New England Revolution in Major League Soccer. Nguyen signed with Vietnamese Super League Club but injuries limited him resulting to him just getting one goal in five appearances.

Vietnam has been a participant to the Olympic Games since 1952 with exception to 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games and the Winter Olympics. However, they only have received two medals (silver) from Trần Hiếu Ngân (2000 Sydney, TaeKwonDo) and Hoàng Anh Tuấn (2008 Beijing, Weightlifting)

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