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Sport in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, though it has a unique history and sporting culture more closely related to the Republic of Ireland, and plays sports in international competitions as a team from Northern Ireland or joining with the rest of their island and playing for Ireland. At the Olympic Games, athletes from Northern Ireland have the choice of competing for Northern Ireland or Ireland (if they get selected of course).

Gaelic Games, traditional sports organised by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), are still popular in Northern Ireland (as they are throughout Ireland). The two main sports of Gaelic games are hurling and Gaelic football. The other two sports are Rounders and Gaelic Handball.

Below are details of sports, sporting events and sports people related to Northern Ireland. See also about sport in Ireland and sport in the UK, and the individual pages for England, Scotland, Wales.

Popular sports of Northern Ireland

Regional or Traditional Sports of Northern Ireland

Sporting Successes of Northern Ireland

Great athletes from Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Sports trivia

Northern Ireland at major events

Past sporting events events hosted in Northern Ireland

Upcoming sporting events in Northern Ireland

Annual sporting events held in Northern Ireland

Sporting Facilities in Northern Ireland


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