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Great Britain (United Kingdom) at the Olympics

Great Britain is one of five countries to have been represented at all Summer Olympic Games (the others are Greece, France, Switzerland and Australia). The British Olympic Association and the IOC both refer to the team from the United Kingdom as Great Britain, even though it is officially the team of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The team also represents the Crown dependencies (Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) and all but three of the British overseas territories. There is a push for Scotland to separate from TeamGB and send its own squad in future Games.

Great Britain has been in all of the modern Olympic meets for both Summer and Winter Games. They have also hosted a few of the Summer Games and they are one of the strongest countries of all the teams that have ever attended the Summer Games.

Their best performance in the Summer Games is when they hosted the 1908 Olympic Games in London where they snagged a total of 146 Olympic medals that includes a staggering 56 gold medal count. This level of domination has rarely been equaled, let alone surpassed by any country. Even in their worst performance, which 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics, they were able to snag 15 Olympic medals with one gold.

As a matter of fact, except for 1952 and 1996, Great Britain has always managed to rank within the top 13 teams, most of the time, they are in the top team and a lot of those are within the top three. Great Britain is indeed one of the strongest, if not the absolute top, in most of the modern Summer Olympics.

The story is a bit different when it comes to the Winter Games. They have a perfect attendance record since 1924 and managed to snag quite a few medals since their debut but not as frequent as they have in the Summer Games. Nevertheless, they are still considered one of the perennial powerhouses of the Olympic Games.


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