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Monitoring Weight using Bioelectrical Impedance

Sometimes using just scales does not tell you the whole picture when trying to lose weight. The amount of body-fat is a better measure. Fortunately, there are body-fat monitors, such as biological impedance scales, which can help. A bioelectrical impedance device determines what percentage of you is fat, using a tiny electrical charge that is sent through your hands and/or feet

About bioelectrical impedance devices

When using a bioelectrical impedance device, a tiny electrical charge is sent through your hands and/or feet, and the data is used to determine what percentage of you is fat. To do the calculation, the unit also uses details of your gender, age and weight.

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How to use a biological impedance monitor

To get an accurate reading with these monitors you must not be dehydrated. This means you should not do the test first thing in the morning or immediately after a workout or after consuming alcohol. It is best to use it three hours after a meal and after voiding your bladder. It is also recommended to always weigh yourself without clothes as these may affect the measurement.

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