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Bluetooth Body Weight Scales

Bluetooth body analysis scales are becoming popular for people to measure and monitor their body composition at home, but are they any good? Some of these scales are essentially a supercharged bathroom scale, with the ability to remember measurements and then save them to your mobile device using bluetooth. Some of these scales also come with the additional ability to measure body fat using biological impedance.

Do you really need one? If you just want to monitor your weight, you could save a bit of money and just use a regular bathroom scale. The bluetooth function of recording multiple measurements over time can easily be replicated by writing down your results. If you are not that organized, then these smart scales may be useful. It is the ability to measure multiple people and the measurement of bioelectrical impedance that makes these worthwhile, though using this method to calculate body fat is not the most accurate.

FEATURES of Smart Scales    

These are the features to look out for when in the market for a smart scale. Not all devices will have all of these features, but this list will help you narrow down the unit which best fits your needs.

bodyweight scale bodyweight scale

How to Use

Take the measurements in bare feet (essential for bioelectrical impedance measures). To get an accurate reading with these monitors you should also be well hydrated. This means you should not do the test first thing in the morning or immediately after a workout or after consuming alcohol. It is best to use it three hours after a meal and after voiding your bladder. It is also recommended to always weigh yourself without clothes.

What is bioelectrical impedance and is it safe?

Bioelectrical impedance devices send a tiny electrical charge through your feet, and the measurement of how well this charge is conducted through the body is used to determine what percentage of you is fat. The charge that is sent through your body is very small, and is not harmful, though they do recommend that anybody with a pacemaker not to use them. To do the body fat calculation, the unit also requires details of your gender, age and weight.

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