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Eat Less Fat - The first step to healthy eating

Here are ideas to remove some of the fat from the food you eat.

  1. Skip butter or margarine. You can use jam or honey instead for toast; or pickles, mustard or Light Philly cream cheese on sandwiches.
  2. Cook with minimal oil (even if it is olive oil!). Try a spray oil instead.
  3. Choose lean cuts of meat and trim all visible fat eg eye fillet steak, trim lamb. Avoid chops, sausages and hamburger mince.
  4. Remove skin from chicken.
  5. Buy lean deli meats eg lite ham, pastrami, shaved chicken or turkey.
  6. Drink only reduced fat milk eg REV, Light Start, PhysiCAL or Skinny. Remember to ask for Skinny latte's too!
  7. Ensure all dairy products that you buy are reduced fat eg light yoghurt and ice cream.
  8. Avoid cream and sour cream. Use vanilla or natural yoghurt instead.
  9. Only eat cheeses that are less than 10%fat eg Kraft Extra Light or Kraft Free, Devondale 7 or Shape.
  10. Avoid high fat sauces such as carbonara, satay and gravies.
  11. Avoid high fat snack foods. Snack on low fat foods like fruit, light yoghurt, fruit loaf, oven baked fruit bars and cereal bars, pretzels and rice crackers.
  12. Avoid high fat take away foods. The best choices are steamed rice with an Asian stir fry, pasta with a tomato based sauce, Subway 6, Nandos chicken pita.

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