Sirtfood Diet

The Sirtfood Diet is based on sirtuins which is a group of proteins that regulate several functions in the body. Certain foods called may cause the body to produce more of these proteins. The diet has come to the publics attention as it is the method that singing superstar Adele has used to reduce her weight. The diet is well known for actively encouraging those following it to have red wine and chocolate, but there is more to it than that.

What is a sirtfood?

A 'sirtfood' is a food high in sirtuin activators. Sirtuins are a type of protein which protect the cells in our bodies from dying or becoming inflamed through illness, though research has also shown they can help regulate your metabolism, increase muscle and burn fat.

What are sirtfoods?

The Sirtfood Diet is about increasing your intake of healthy sirtfoods, which include apples, citrus fruits, parsley, capers, buckwheat, blueberries, capers, green tea, walnuts, soy, strawberries, tumeric, dates, olive oil, red onion, lovage, rocket and kale. And to everyone's delight, it also includes red wine, chocolate and coffee!

sirtfoods include coffee and chocolate sirtfoods include coffee and chocolate

Does it Work?

Not really specifically for weight loss, but it is a generally healthy way to eat. There is a Sirtfood Diet Plan, in which for the first week you restrict your intake to 1000 calories a day, including consuming three sirtfood juices and one sirtfood rich meal daily. The following week you increase your intake to 1500 calories a day and consume two sirtfood-rich meals and two green juices. By restricting your caloric intake for the first couple of weeks, no matter what food you eat, you are probably going to see a weight reduction. Add to this the restriction of eating certain foods, you are going to probably reduce you intake over the long term. It worked for Adele! Yes, and she has also indicated that she also incorporated increased exercise activities in her weight loss plan. So reduced calorie intake with increased energy expenditure, the ideal way to lose weight, what ever you eat and whoever you are.

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