One Good Meal Diet

One of the riskiest fad diets around is the One Good Meal Diet. It will certainly make you lose weight in an instant, but just like all fad diets, the weight loss is only temporary.

The thing about the One Good Meal Diet is basically for an entire week you will consume specific foods for 6 days, following the diet plan. The diet will allow you to have only one good meal for the entire week, and that is only on the 7th day.

By doing the One Good Meal Plan, your meal must only be 600 to 1,200 calories for the entire day. Average calorie intake is 2,500 daily. Imagine getting weaker as the day goes by. There is no nutritional values in this diet and if there is, you will use it all up so you body can cope with your daily activities.

The menu for this diet plan is very disturbing.

Sample meal for Day 1 includes
Breakfast – coffee
Lunch – 1 tomato and 2 eggs
Dinner – 7 oz of red meat and a green salad
Total Calories – 900

On Day 2,
Breakfast – coffee with toast or water cracker
Lunch – 7 oz of red meat and a green salad
Dinner – 5 and ¼ oz of ham and a cup of yogurt
Total Calories – 1,200

On Day 7,
Breakfast – coffee and toast or water cracker
Lunch – 7 oz of red meat + citric fruit
Dinner – anything you like but not over 500 calories

After finishing the 7 days, you’ll need to start on over again.

Whoever tries this diet will need to prepare their Last Will because this diet is very dangerous to your health.
Your metabolism will slow down as you do this diet, making your entire body on lock-down mode as it continues to deal with body trauma and tries to regain balance. Not consuming foods rich in nutrients will make your metabolism sluggish.

While doing this diet, you are risking your liver, kidneys, heart and fluid levels, including high risk for electrolyte imbalance, lipid imbalance and blood sugar levels imbalance.

There is also a chance of developing more acid for the body which can lead to acidosis. It is a life-threatening condition.

It is important to consume grains, fruits, vegetables and protein daily for good health. Proper balanced diet and exercise will make you lose weight and if it is done the right way, you will never have to deal with those stubborn fats ever again.

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