NutriSystem Diet

The NutriSystem Diet aids in weight loss. It is a program with a delivery diet service that comes in prepackaged portions. This particular diet does not allow you to count calories or carbs, doesn’t have to think of foods whether they will fit your diet or not.

After signing for the program, the NutriSystem Company will ship your breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert right at your door. They are prepackaged foods that will give you options what you want to have during mealtime. While setting up your program, you create your own profile, read articles on weight loss and healthy eating, gaining tips from experts and access a free BMI chart.

There are over 120 meals provided for gaining vitamins and minerals, good carbohydrates and the possibility of eating five times a day without counting your calorie or carb intake.

Breakfast choices are muffins, pancakes, oatmeal and granola

Lunch and dinner choices are chicken and pasta – tacos – pizza – soup, stew and chili

You will have to consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy, fresh meat and other foods from a long list provided by the program, to eat along with your prepackaged meals.

This diet bases its choices of food on the glycemic index of carbohydrate breakdown.

NutriSystem is based in Pennsylvania, USA. They have different types of meals and programs and for reasons like weight loss, body toning and a lot more.

A “Select Plan” for 28 days includes 10 days of frozen meals and 18 days of pantry foods. These costs around $300 to $340. If you want a slightly cheaper deal, try the pantry-only foods. Don’t forget that on top of the NutriSystem meals, you still need to supplement a few fruits, vegetables and other foods for added nutrients.
The NutriSystem has a downside. They add preservatives and additives to the foods, to help them look fresh.
Exercising is not required but it would be good to run a few kilometers or do aerobics to melt fats faster.
Other helpful benefits of this diet are prevention of diabetes and will help you shed at least two pounds in one week.

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