Jenny Craig Ddiet

Jenny Craig created a diet plan that includes prepackaged low-calorie foods. They will offer a consultant for you to work with in person or via phone. There are also online tools that will help you track your meals and daily activities.

The Jenny Craig does not claim any detoxifying foods and meals that will burn your unwanted fat. The plan has no banned foods. You’ll mostly have fresh fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy.

There are 70 prepackaged foods that you can choose to eat for the week. You only need at least 1,200 calories daily but it still depends on your weight and height. You will get a personalized meal and diet plan with counseling weekly with a Jenny Craig consultant.

The approach is to choose foods that are low in fat but rich in fiber, protein and water to feel fuller.
You’re allowed to take a shot or two of your favorite alcoholic drinks, but just occasionally.
Jenny Craig recommends taking supplements because of the reduced-calorie diet. it’s important to take multivitamins.

The packaged meals from Jenny Craig are delicious-- from yummy breakfasts to delicious desserts. But the portions are small. You still eat 3 meals daily and 2 snacks in between meals. Also, you’ll be entitled for a free dessert after dinner.

No need to cut your carbs or stop eating certain food groups. This diet plan helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Kirstie Alley became a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig from 2005-2008. Seinfeld star Jason Alexander signed as a Jenny Craig spokesman in 2010.  He was inspired by the success of his friend Valerie Bertinelli. Mariah Carey lost 30 pounds in 2011 with Jenny Craig after the birth of her twins in 2011.

Jenny’s Cuisine daily menu ranges from $12-$18 daily. A 4-week program is $30 plus the food. Longer memberships have the Premium Success Program which is $399 annually. MyJennyFit services like exercising, fitness training, is around $10-$18 weekly.

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