Chicken Soup Diet

One famous fad diet is the Chicken Soup Diet. It promises to achieve quick weight loss by consuming chicken soup for an entire week.

The chicken soup is low in calories. 1 bowl of the soup is only around 121 calories. It has 6 grams of protein. During this diet, you are allowed to eat your choice of different breakfast meals every day, then consuming only chicken soup for the rest of the day. Your breakfast must only be at least 250 calories.  Your calorie intake daily must only be at least 1,200.

Mainly, the Chicken Soup is mostly water. Drinking water and eating water-dense foods will boost satiety and fill you up. Eating soup will reduce the speed of your eating so that your body can become aware of the fullness.

The Chicken Soup Diet doesn’t have many proofs on preventing various diseases. It just mainly focuses on losing weight. No exact amount is implied on how much you’ll be losing weight but it is said to be able to help you lose a substantial amount.

It’s much better to make your own chicken soup instead of buying it canned and packs. Chicken broth from those has a lot of sodium and preservatives.

Eating just chicken soup is not enough. You will not be able to consume much vitamins and minerals. The soup will only give you little amount of fiber for the day. You will need to drink vitamins and health supplements that are appropriate during this diet. Ask your doctor a diet expert before consuming any types of tablets and capsules.

This diet is actually safe if you combine moderation, healthy eating and exercising. 
The Chicken Soup Diet is not for a long term weight loss.

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