Beverly Hills Diet

The Beverly Hills Diet is a weight loss diet developed by Judy Mazel in her 1981 bestseller, The Beverly Hills Diet. The diet was delveloped based on collaboration with a dietitian to solve her long term weight issues.

Under her program, Mazel was able to lose 78 pounds (35 kg). She then opened a weight-loss clinic which catered for a number of celebrities.

The Beverly Hills Diet is based on the enzymatic actions of foods in the digestive process, and also by controlling when foods were eaten and in what combinations.

The six-week long program begins with 10 days of fruit exclusively, only with specified fruits in a designated order. On Days 11 to 18, the dieter can add bread, two tablespoons of butter and three cobs of corn. There are no portion suggestions: Eat as much as you want, provided you follow the rules.Beverly Hills Diet Book

These are the main rules for food combining:

The diet has been the target of criticism from the medical community. The New Beverly Hills diet is less extreme and the author stated that it now meets the recommended standards for a nutritionally balanced diet

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