Best Life Diet

The Best Life Diet was developed by Bob Greene. He and the diet plan were featured on Oprah, promoting his book Make the Connection: Ten Steps to a Better Body... and a Better Life. Greene became Oprah’s personal trainer at one point, helping her lose almost 80 pounds.

The diet plan is for changing the way you eat, exercising and for achieving a better healthy lifestyle. Greene believes that being on a diet is a physical and emotional process and must be undergone knowingly with the aim of achieving and maintaining your entire life.

The Best Life Diet has 3 phases:

On the second and third phase, you may use the bad foods from the first phase as your “anything-goes calories.”

For your exercise, it’s important to do cardio and strength training, accompanying the phase you have entered. You may start with 90 minutes a week to 6 hours a week or more.

The Best Life Diet has a mixture of regulated levels of suitability and reasonably-priced prices meal plans.
This is the best diet for achieving long-term weight loss with greater health. Be mindful of the ingredients and nutritional contents of your food.

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