3 Hour Diet

The 3 Hour Diet is a 1450-calorie based meal plan. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be around 400 calories per meal. Snacks should have only about 100 calories while 50 calories for dessert. These meals will make you feel full and satisfied. It’s essential that you stick to the suggested portion sizes. 

This diet involves consuming smaller portions every three hours during the entire day. This means all your meals are controlled at the right hour. For instance, your breakfast starts at 7, have a snack in between breakfast and lunch at around 10, lunch at 1, and have a snack in between lunch and dinner at around 4 and then dinner at 7. Your snacks should only have at least 100 calories.  After dinner, you can enjoy dessert that only has 50 calories.

You will feel starved if you go through 3 hours or more without putting food in your body. When this happens, your body will store fat and will burn muscles, slowing your metabolism down, like it’s preparing for a long haul of hunger mode.

By eating constantly but with balanced and moderated calories, your metabolism will go higher, constantly burning fats instead of storing them the entire day.

Exercise is optional with the 3 Hour Diet. You’ll drop around 10 pounds during the first two weeks and will continue to lose additional weight in the next weeks and months.

After dinner, it is important not to eat anything for 3 hours before sleeping.

You can eat whatever you want during this diet, but with the right portion sizes -- frozen foods, sweets, carbs, fast food, anything -- just as long as you stay within the calorie intake limits and eating at the right intervals.

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