Fitness Testing of FIFA Officials

The FIFA Fitness Tests for Referees and Assistant Referees includes interval tests part 1 and 2.

Test Battery

FIFA Interval Test - Part 1: (also called the FIFA High-Intensity Fitness Test). The test involves 6 x 40m sprints followed by a maximum of 1 minute 30 seconds recovery after each sprint.

FIFA Interval Test - Part 2: (also called the FIFA Fitness Interval Run Test) The test involves 150 run, 50 walk, 150 run, 50 walk, repeating this for up to 10 laps.

other tests: Prior to the 2010 World Cup (and probably since then), match officials also undertook a medical assessment. Among the tests were a blood test, an orthopedic examination, a resting EKG, an echocardiogram and a stress test.

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