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Make Your Own Vertical Jump Tester

The Vertec® is one of the most popular apparatus for measuring vertical jump height. It is comprised of a frame with horizontal vanes which are rotated out of the way by the hand to indicate the height reached. You can buy one yourself, but this will cost more than $500. Here is some ideas and guidelines for building your own, which should cost less than $50 of supplies from your local hardware store.

What You Need

This is a list of suggested pieces of equipment. You may not be able to find all the same products so you will need to adapt your design to what you can get hold of and the equipment you have available.

Equipment & Tools



Prepare the pieces

make your own vertec top

Put together the top section

make your own vertec base

Put together the base

Put it all together

Final touches


A more flexible and adjustable device can be created by using the top section, and designing a way of clamping this to a light pole of similar. This way it can be adjusted as you jump higher, and be used for athletes of different abilities.

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