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Vertec® for Measuring Vertical Jump

Vertical jump height measurement is a commonly used test of leg power. There are many techniques and various equipment used for measuring vertical jump height, with the Vertec®) one of the most popular. See the discussion and list of other vertical jump methods.

We do not directly sell the Vertec®, but you can buy one here, or even make something similar.

About: The Vertec® (or the similar Swift Yardstick or the Vertical Jump Challenger) is one of the most common apparatus for measuring vertical jump ability. It is the vertical jump-testing device of choice for many college and professional teams. It is of steel frame construction with horizontal vanes which are rotated out of the way by the hand to indicate the height reached. Each vane is in 1/2" increments (cm increments may be available), and the height of the vanes is adjustable from 6' to 12' to test elite athletes as well as beginners.

vertical jump tester apparatus for measuring vertical jump height

Instructions: Take the standing height of the subject with one arm fully extended upward, then have the subject jump-up and touch the highest possible vane. The jump height is the difference between standing height and jumping height. Alternatively, you can adjust the lowest vane to be at the point of the arm fully extended with both feet on the ground, then the jump height is simply the highest vane reached. When using this device, it is very handy to have a pole for resetting the vanes without lowering the unit, and you should place weights or otherwise stabilize the base to avoid tipping. This device may be used to measure the standard vertical jump off two feet from a standing position directly underneath, or a single step or run up vertical jump which is useful for testing in some sports. (see Vertical Jump Videos)

Disadvantages: this apparatus is quite expensive at above $500, especially when compared to simply using a piece of chalk against a wall. As with using a wall, the accurate measurement depends on the correct measuring of standing height, and also the ability of the jumper to swing their arm to touch the vane at the peak of their jump.

Advantages: there is no wall or other object nearby which can inhibit the jumper's jump ability. The apparatus can be used indoors or outdoors.

reference: the Vertec® device is based on United States Patent 5031903.

note: “VERTEC® is a registered trademark of Sports Imports, Inc., of Columbus,

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