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Vertical Jump Test Results

What is it?

The vertical jump test is a common fitness test of leg power. The test is usually performed against a wall or similar device to measure the height jumped, but can also be tested using a timing mat. These results are assumed to be using the counter-movement technique, in which the arms are used to help propel the body upwards, though in many cases it may not be the case. For more information, see vertical jump techniques.

Top Scores

The world record vertical jump has been reported as up to 61" (155 cm) by Kadour Ziani (other reports for top leaps for Kadour range from 56"/142cm upwards). He is the highest Vertical Leaper from Slamnation, and stands 5'10 tall. His other claim to fame is that he is the only person ever to do a double windmill slam dunk. His reported best vertical jump is more than twice the average NBA vertical leap of 28" (71 cm). For more information about the world record scores, see our list of the World's Best vertical jump scores.


Player: Vertical Leap (inches) Vertical Leap (cm)
Michael Jordan 48" 122
Darrell Griffith 48" 122
Spudd Webb 46" 117
Dee Brown 44" 112
Harold Miner 44" 112
Vince Carter 43" 109
Steve Francis 43" 109
Antonio McDyess 42" 107
Dominique Wilkins 42" 107
Allen Iverson 41" 104
Julius Erving 41" 104
Shawn Kemp 40" 102
Larry Nance 40" 102
Rex Chapmann 39" 99
Kobe Bryant 38" 97
Desmond Mason 38" 97
Ralph Sampson 36" 91
Daryl Dawkins 34" 86
Shaquille O'Neal 32" 81
Lamar Odom 32" 81
Magic Johnson 30" 76
Karl Malone 28" 71
Larry Bird 28" 71



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Other Results

Some of these scores were sourced from There are numerous and varying reports of high leaps for Kadour Ziani online.

Player: Sport / team Vertical Leap:
Kadour Ziani Slamnation somewhere between 56"-61" (142-155 cm)
Reggie Thompson Jumpsoles 56"
Michael Wilson Globetrotters 51"
Ronnie Fields CBA 48"
Melvin Levett   45"
Brandon Dean NCAA 39"

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