Multiple Single-Leg Hop-Stabilization Test (MSLHST)

Diagram of the Multiple Single-Leg Hop-Stabilization Test (MSLHST)

The Multiple Single-Leg Hop-Stabilization Test (MSLHST) is a dynamic and static balance test used to examine the balance capabilities of an athlete, one leg at a time. The test was designed for the sporting population and based on the similar BASS balance Test. The test involves performing dynamic forward and diagonal one-legged jumps while statically maintaining landing positions.

Type of Error Operational Definition of Error
Landing Error Not covering tape mark
Stumbling on landing
Foot not facing forward with 10° inversion or eversion allowed
Hands off hips
Balance Error Touching down with non-supporting limb
Non-supporting limb touching supporting limb
Non-supporting limb moving into excessive (>30°) flexion, extension or abduction
Hands off hips


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