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Modified Bass Test of Dynamic Balance

The Bass test is a assessment of balance, in which the participants alternate foot hopping and holding a static position for five seconds at each point. The procedure described here is for the Modified Bass Test of Dynamic Balance test.

purpose: to measure dynamic balance

equipment required: adequate floor space, sticky tape for marking floor, measuring tape, stopwatch.

pre-test: Explain the test procedures to the subject. Perform screening of health risks and obtain informed consent. Prepare forms and record basic information such as age, height, body weight, gender, test conditions. Perform an appropriate warm-up. See more details of pre-test procedures.

Diagram of the Bass Balance Testprocedure: The course is marked out as illustrated in the diagram. The subject begins by standing stationary on the right foot on the starting point square. The subject then hops to the first tape mark with the left foot and immediately holds a static position for five seconds. After this time, he then hops to the second tape mark with the right foot and holds a static position for another five seconds. This continues with alternate foot hopping and holding a static position for five seconds at each point until the course is completed. At each point, the sole of the foot must completely cover each tape mark so that it cannot be seen. A period of practice with the procedure and on the course should be allowed.

scoring: the result is recorded as either a success or fail. A successful performance consists of hopping to each tape mark without touching the floor with the heel or any other part of the body, and holding a static position on each tape mark for five seconds without exposing the tape mark.

advantages: this is a simple test to perform with simple and inexpensive equipment.


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