Defender Skinfold Caliper

Skinfold calipers are used in the measurement of skinfold thickness and the estimation of total body fat. There are a range of skinfold calipers available, including this one.

Defender Skinfold Caliper

The Defender Body Fat Caliper has a unique feature of a visual pressure indicator, to ensure you have the correct pressure - the indicator turns from red to green letting you know when to release the caliper and take your reading. The scale goes up to 50mm. It is also handy for taking measurements of yourself, the recording stays locked in place once taken for easy readings until it is reset. It also comes with a body fat results wheel for easily converting your skinfold measurement to a body fat percentage - no measurement charts or formulas required, just line up their measurements with their age.

This product is available for purchase Defender Body Fat Caliper. These and other skinfold calipers are also available in the Fitness Testing Store.

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