Reaction Sticks

It is very easy to make a simple reaction time stick for measuring your reaction time (see make your own reaction timer). Such tests are based on the known physical attributes of gravity. If you don't want to use a a ruler or make one with a piece of cardboard and a pen, you can buy one of the devices below. There are also some Reaction Time Gadgets that also measure reaction time. See more about some of the many reaction speed timers available.

Reaction Stick Products

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quick stick reaction timerCatch It

The Catch It creatively demonstrates free fall and the verification of gravity. A built-in sensor on the stick detects when it is being touched, starts timing when released, and talks to you when caught, revealing your reaction time. The device was developed by Rick Rossi, and created for completion of the Connecticut State Science Standards Task.

stick reaction timerBluw Reaction Stick Game

Although this is promoted as a game, it is just another variation of the stick reaction test. One player holds the Reaction Stick at the top in the vertical position at arms length, nose pointing to the ground, while another player gets ready to catch it between their fingers and thumb the moment first player releases the Reaction Stick. The player with the lowest score is the winner. Any player who fails to catch the stick is eliminated from the game.

quick stick reaction timerQuickstick Reaction Time Tester

The Quickstick is an inexpensive, easy, and fun way to illustrate gravity and reaction time principles. It is manufactured by Novel Products, Inc. The Quickstick also illustrates the importance of concentration for reaction time.

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