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Laturi Energy Test

The Energy Test by Laturi Corporation is an online fitness assessment tool, designed specifically for businesses that produce corporate wellness services. Several tests are conducted, the results combined into a single score, the Energy Index.

Energy Index apparently tells the time a person is capable of energetically engaging in work and being active when off work, which sounds hard to justify. Effectively it is a scoring scale in which 8 hours is the average, with a maximum score of 16 hours.

There are other examples of combining the scores of a range of tests in to a single score or fitness index, which has the advantage in providing simple apparently meaningful feedback to the client. We have not personally used this system, but for a personal trainer or corporate wellness business such a complete system for assessment may be worth the cost to be able to provide a professional looking service and results. I would still prefer to see the individual results so I could see which areas I could improve.


The Energy Test can be used to determine a person’s healthiness, body’s physical performance and total energy level and to calculate the Energy Index, which tells the time a person is capable of energetically engaging in work and being active when off work. This simple index is used to show the overall fitness level of a person.

Features of the Energy Test

Tests Conducted

The tests were selected based on the most important factors in assessing a person’s ability to work.

Equipment Required

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