Bosco Ergo Jump Protocol

The Bosco Ergo Jump System is a series of jump tests for the assessment of leg muscular mechanics and power, developed by Carmelo Bosco. The Bosco protocol includes the following jumps, though what is called the Bosco Test may in fact be all, a combination and just one of these tests. All the tests involve a variation of the vertical jump test, though technique differences result in measuring different muscle characteristics. Follow the links below for more details about each specific test.

Measurement Systems

Many of these tests can be measured using a standard timing mat or other vertical jump test equipment, though there have been systems developed specifically to measure and calculate results of the Bosco Jump Protocol. Look for ErgoJump, ErgoPower and Muscle-Lab systems.


The results from the above tests allow the calculation of relevant muscle-strength related indexes (Bosco et al. 1983), such as:


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