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Verbal Instructions for the Beep Test

To ensure good reliability for conducting the beep test (see procedure), you should provide consistent instructions to the participants prior to conducting the test. Here is a standard script to use when explaining and introducing the test, particularly for the first timers. Some beep test audio files already have a similar introduction at the start of the recording. Feel free to adapt the text to suit your needs.

Introducing the test

"The shuttle run test you are about to take gives an indication of your maximum aerobic capacity or power and involves running there and back along a 20 meter track".

"This test requires you to run for as long as possible there and back between the lines, keeping to the speed prescribed by the audio signals. A sound signal tells you when you should be at one end or the other of the 20 meter track."

"The speed will be controlled by means of an audio recording emitting sounds at regular intervals. Pace yourselves so as to be at one end of the 20 meter track or the other when you hear a sound. Accuracy to within 1 or 2 meters is sufficient".

"At first the speed is low but it will increase slowly and steadily every minute. Your aim in the test is to follow the set rhythm for as long as possible. You should therefore stop when you can no longer keep up with the set rhythm. Note the last number announced for the relevant period - that is your result. The duration of the test varies according to the individual: the fitter you are, the longer the test lasts".

"To sum up, the test is maximal and progressive, in other words easy at the beginning and hard towards the end. Good luck!"

beep test runners

Starting instructions

"The test will begin soon. Line up at the start. Run for as long as possible, keeping in your lane. Always run in a straight line. When you stop, note the last number announced for the relevant period - this is your result, so don't forget!


The above text is adapted from the publication: TESTING PHYSICAL FITNESS, EUROFIT Experimental Battery. PROVISIONAL HANDBOOK, STRASBOURG, 1983.

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