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Exercise Physiology / Kinesiology Courses

Education Requirements and Job Description

Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology is known to be the study of body movements and its relation to health and illness. Exercise Physiology addresses how the body adjusts to stress due to physical activities. The clients that will be satisfied with the type of service provided by these professionals are athletes who want to further improve their strength and stamina during a sports activity and the chronically ill patients who want to regain lost energy and increase their ability to do daily tasks.

Education Requirements for Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology Professionals

You need to complete a 4-year course called Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science in a University. The student must have a high school diploma. A student may also enroll in a Kinesiology Certificate Program, which requires an undergraduate degree in health fitness. An interview will be conducted with the statement of purpose for them to know your goals. However, some states do not require a certificate or a college degree.

exercise physiologist in the laboratoryAn exercise physiologist in the laboratory

Job Description for a Professional Physiologist/Kinesiologist

Kinesiologist is a medical professional that studies the body movements to help you improve your physical performance and energy for a sports activity or for the daily tasks, while preventing an injury. They are usually under a team of rehabilitation experts. These medical professionals usually work at the hospitals, rehabilitation centers or in a nursing home.

Other jobs include Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, and Recreational Therapist.

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