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Tests of power and strength are recorded throughout history. There have been records of weightlifting in Ancient Egypt, China, and Greece. In modern days, there is a large range of sports in which competitors attempt to lift, carry or throw heavy weights.

clean and jerkclean and jerk

Weight lifting is used in fitness training by many sportspeople to improve muscle strength, and many of the lifts used in training have been adapted for competition.

Weightlifting made its first Olympic appearance at the 1896 games, including an event called the "One-Hand Lift". Olympic weightlifting is now one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events for both men and women in many weight categories. Olympic weightlifting includes two lifts, the clean and jerk and the snatch.

The weight training lifts of bench press, deadlift and squat exercise form the basis of the sport of powerlifting. Another weightlifting sport, kettlebell lifting, evolved from a training exercise in Russia to become an emerging worldwide sport.

There are also many traditional weightlifting sports that are still found today. You might find strongman events of the Stone Lift or Carry and Weight Throw.

Weight Lifting Sports

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