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Crossfit Games

Crossfit games is a competition in which athletes compete to do a collection of workouts, in order to determine the fittest person on the planet. The workouts, test athletes for speed, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Athletes competing in crossfit games, will do a series of workouts, of which they will have no knowledge about, until just before the start of the competition. The workouts consists of, weight lifting - to test strength, aerobic routines - to test endurance, and gymnastics routines - to test flexibility. The games will also include different events like, ocean swimming, a small triathlon, or softball throwing.

During the games, competitions are conducted for both men and women. Besides the open category, there are five other categories based on the age for both men and women. There are also two categories based on age, for junior boys and girls. Competitions also include events for mixed gender teams.

Athletes are required to qualify for the crossfit games, by competing in the Crossfit Open, followed by regional competitions. Only athletes that qualify on both levels can take part in the main games.

Crossfit games competition is conducted every year, with participants mainly from the United States, and a few athletes from other countries.

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