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Tuk Tuk Polo

Tuk Tuk polo is a brand new sport that was invented in Sri Lanka in 2016. The sport is a variation of polo, in which players are on vehicles called tuk tuk. The sport was developed as a replacement for another version of polo played on elephant backs which was discontinued in 2007 after one of the elephants went on a rampage.

The field used for game play is of the same size as used for polo, with a rather even surface suitable enough to ply a vehicle. There are two goalposts on both ends of the field. Each team consists of players riding two tuk-tuk's. On each tuk-tuk is a driver who is responsible for piloting the vehicle and a player who is responsible for striking the ball. Players use short mallet like sticks to wield the ball that is similar to a cricket ball.

tuk tuks are a popular form of transport in Asia tuk tuks are a popular form of transport in Asia

The objective of the sport, as with other forms of polo, is to score as many goals as possible by striking the ball through goalposts.

The sport is currently played only in Sri Lanka. Will the sport spread to other South Asian countries where the tuk-tuk is also popular is something to watch for in the next few years.

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