Naked Rugby - Nude Rugby International

An annual naked rugby game, dubbed the "Nude Rugby International", has been held in chilly Dunedin in New Zealand, traditionally as an unofficial curtain-raiser before rugby Test matches played in that city. There are always plenty of jokes about rugby tackles and balls, but the game is a serious competition for the players involved.

The match has been held since 2002, when a group of Dunedin students challenged visiting backpackers to a game of nude rugby. The "Nude Blacks" are usually made up of Otago University students.

The competition reached its peak in 2011, when Dunedin hosted three naked games alongside the city's three Rugby World Cup matches. However, in 2016 it was not played due to a lack of an organiser - is that the last we will see of nude rugby in NZ?

Winners take home the "Dunny-din" trophy.

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