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Hobby Horsing

Hobby horsing is a unique and unconventional sport where individuals simulate traditional equestrian events while riding a "hobbyhorse." - a simple object resembling a horse's head mounted on a stick.

Participants, often young women, showcase their athleticism and creativity by executing jumps, dressage movements, and routines, mirroring the movements similar to those in show jumping or dressage.

girl with a hobby horseHobby horsing or Stick horsing

Is it a sport? Critics may dismiss it as mere child's play, but participants argue otherwise. The sport demands physical strength, agility, and coordination, as riders execute jumps, dressage movements, and intricate routines.

Despite differing opinions about its validity as a sport, there are competitive events in hobby horsing. The sport originated in Finland, where there is an annual national championship as well as regional competitions. Its appeal is spreading to other parts of the world.

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