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Show Jumping

Show Jumping, which is also called stadium jumping, open jumping, or jumpers, is one of the English riding equestrian events. In SHow JUmping, riders on horseback attempt to jump cleanly through sets of obstacles within a specific time.The obstacles include verticals, spreads, and double and triple combinations, usually with many turns and changes of direction.

The goal is to jump cleanly through sets of obstacles within a specific time. Time faults are judged for not completing the obstacles in time. Faults for show jumpers include knockdowns, and blatant disobedience. A player may be disqualified if his/her horse refuses to participate. The horses are only allowed a limited number of refusals. This may also lead the player to not complete the whole course within the time limit.

The player’s attire include a helmet with a harness, tall boots (preferably black), and spurs, but it’s optional. Some jumping competitions include: the grand prix (the highest level of competition), speed derby, puissance, six-bar, gambler’s choice, Calcutta, maiden, novice and limit, match race, touch class, and faults converted.

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