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Baby Olympics - Bahrain Baby Games

An unusual event called the Bahrain Baby Games was organized by the Bahrain Olympic Committee in 2018. This baby Olympics event was created to inspire kids to get into sports. It may have been inspired by the Olympic Channel who released spoof videos in April 2017 - "Baby Games" and "Baby Winter Games" showing young kids participating in Olympic sports.

toddler runningtoddler running

The competitors in the Bahrain Baby Games were aged between two and five years old, and competed in five different sports: athletics, gymnastics, football, and basketball. There were also demostration events, a below-12 months crawling contest and a below-15 months kids walkers competition. The first Baby Games event took place from 5-10 May 2018, held at Isa Sports City in Riffa, Bahrain, and included about 1,200 kids from 66 nurseries and kindergartens.

The athletics events included a medley relay for 4-year-olds, a "hurdles toddle" for 3-year-olds and a 15-metre freestyle race for 2-year-olds. The other events were a gymnastics freestyle moves contest, football free-kick (each child had five attempts at a target), free throw basketball contest and a weightlifting show.

It is not the first time sporting events have been organised for young children. There are numerous baby crawling races held around the world. On the Ellen DeGeneres TV Show, she held a baby Olympics segment in 2018.

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