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Baby Crawling Races

Baby crawling races are held around the world. Babies race across the floor, crawling on their hands and knees, enticed by their parents or grandparents at the other end of the track, waving toys, cookies, mobile phones and whatever else they think could entice them to speed along the path.

baby crawlingbaby crawling

Baby crawling races are not new. From 1946 until 1955 the National Institute of Diaper Services in the USA held annual baby crawling races (called 'diaper derbies'). Such races are having a resurgence. Baby races are popular in Japan. The most well-known race is the annual baby crawling competition in Lithuania, held to celebrate International Children's Day.

More than 600 Japanese babies set a Guinness World Record in November 2015 by taking part in the world's largest baby crawling competition. The event involved 601 babies aged between six and 16 months, and took place in a shopping centre in the city of Yokohama just outside Tokyo.

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