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Fitness Testing for Alpine Skiing

A standardized fitness testing battery was created in 2002 for the Norwegian World Cup alpine team, published as the Ironman Test Battery. Since then the testing protocols have been fine-tuned, and is used to assess athletes from club level to elite world cup athletes, and there is a modified protocol for junior athletes. Although these test protocols were initially developed for alpine skiing, they can and has been used in the assessment of athletes in multiple sports.

There is a series of tests for senior and junior athletes, each consisting of eight exercises, designed to test a wide range of physical characteristics that are important for alpine skiing. At least 30 minutes of warm-up should precede all testing, and rest periods are set in the protocol.

Ironman Test Battery

The Ironman Test Battery is designed for males and females, 17 years and older.

A total performance score is calculated based on separate scores from all tests.

Ironman Jr Test Battery

The Ironman Test Battery has been adapted for younger athletes (12‐16 years) - the Ironman Jr Test Battery. The main differences between the two test batteries are the replacement of submaximal and maximal squats (1 RM) with squat technique and standing long jumps, and push‐ups instead of bench‐press. For the Ironman Jr test‐battery, there is also no scoring system available.

Tests for Junior Athletes


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