Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing events were held for the first time at the Winter Olympics in 1936, though ski instructors were barred as they were classified as being professionals. This decision led to an Austrian and Swiss boycott, and to the decision not to have skiing events in the next games in 1940. In 1948 at St Moritz, men and women each had three alpine skiing events. Currently there are 11 events.

Current Events for 2018

Currently Alpine Skiing includes 11 events - 5 disciplines for men and women: Downhill, Super G, Giant Slalom, Slalom, and Super Combined, plus a mixed team event. The rules are the same for all events, only the courses differ. The aim of all events is for the skier get down the mountain in the shortest possible time. There is no judging involved and races are timed in hundredths of a second. There are two 'technical' events (the slalom and the giant slalom), and two 'speed' events (the downhill and super-G) and one combined event, of a slalom and downhill run, where  the winner is the skier with the fastest aggregate time.

In the mixed team event is between national teams comprising two men and two women. Starting with 16 teams, they are gradually knocked out after head-to-head races down two identical slalom courses between athletes from each team.

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