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Combine Fitness Testing for Bobsled and Skeleton

The winter sport of bobsledding consists of plummeting down the same slippery track at top speed, requiring nerves of steel and lightning reflexes. The competitors require a high level of fitness, particularly for the initial push at the top of the mountain.

An idea of the fitness testing requirements for sliding sports athletes can be gained from the details of the USA Bobsled & Skeleton Combine testing. The weight lifting tests are performed at the national team camps only. The score from each test is converted to a points value and the points combined for a total score.


Speed: A 45-meter sprint test. Split times will be recorded for 0-15, 0-30, 0-45, and 15-45 (30m split). A maximum score is achieved with a time of 5.10 seconds (men) and 5.60 seconds (women) over 45m. About sprint testing.

Leg Power: A standing long jump (Broad Jump) into a sand pit. A maximum score is achieved with a jump of 2.21m (men) and 1.85m (women). About standing long jump testing.

Upper Body Power: A Shot (not a medicine ball) is thrown forward and underhand with two hands. Men throw a 16lb shot, women a 12lb shot. A maximum score is achieved with a throw of 18m (men) and 15m (women). About medicine ball power testing.

Body Strength/Power: do 1 repetitions at maximum weight in the power clean, and 3 reps of a back squat. Other Olympic lifts may also be tested. About 1RM strength testing, includoing the power clean and back squat.

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