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Australian Rowing Talent Identification

Here are some details about the Australian National Talent Identification Program (as conducted in 2010), which has been used to successfully identify future world champions and Olympic rowers. See also the similar eTID program from the AIS. There are many other tests that you could use for testing rowers. A suggested testing protocol for rowers is listed on the Rowing Fitness Testing page.

Fitness Tests

These are the tests that are conducted for the rowing NTID program. These links are to our general description of the tests, which may vary slightly from the actual testing protocols.

rowing ergometer testingrowing ergometer testing


Some of the analysis that will be done with the above test results include determining leg to upper body ratio, arm span compared to height to indicate lever length, and looking at the mental toughness of the athlete as they complete the endurance test. These test results are compared to scores from elite rowers and other athletes who have completed the talent identification process and gone on to success in the sport. Stand out subjects will be given the opportunity to develop their fitness and learn the skills of rowing, and hopefully be successful rowers.

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