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Rowing is a sport held on the surface of the water, where athletes propel a boat using oars. Rowing as a sport was developed in 18th century London. There were races between professional watermen on the river Thames.

Rowing may be held indoors, like on artificial lakes; or outdoors on rivers, canals, and oceans. The members of each team vary on the boat class, there’s the one for individuals, such as the single scull, and ones for eight athletes called coxed eight.

Rowing has two forms, sweep in which each rower has one oar held with two hands; and skulling in which each rower has to oars, there’s one in each hand. The boats used are racing boats, which are also called shells, they are long, narrow and semi-circular. The oars used are long (about 250-300 cm), and have a flat end which is also called the blade.

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