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The new sport of schlammball was created by Clifford Prudhomme in December 2015. Schlammball is similar to soccer but each end has three goals and players must avoid mud pits in at each side of center field.


Schlammball is the next great sports game. Invented in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The name Schlammball comes from the German word for mud (schlamm). The name was chosen for its appropriateness, since players will be slammed/checked (Schlammed) into the mud during play.

The game which consists of 6 goals to score points, is believed to be the next big international game played and loved by millions! It is played with a small soccer ball.

The rules are very unique allowing the ball to be caught and thrown or kicked as the players move the ball down field for a chance to score on one of the opposing team's three goals. Don't get "Schlammed" into a mud pit or you will be penalized and put into the "Schlammer" for 60 seconds!

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